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Do digital better. It’s today’s market mandate for cannabis and CBD brands. And no one knows how to capture more digital audience and share than CBD Marketing Hub l Cannabis Marketing-Hub.

Our tireless team of cannabis and CBD digital marketing and brand advertising experts collaborate with our resource partners target and monitor more than 3 billion search terms, staying on top of the kind of trends that many miss.

If you need insight into your business to target the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, talk to our team of cannabis and CBD digital marketing experts. We’ve got this.

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From programmatic data-driven research to compliant non-endemic advertising and native content marketing, CBD Marketing Hub l Cannabis Marketing-Hub provides industry-standard marketing services to CBD and cannabis dispensaries, retailers, brands, and marketplaces.

Our ROI-focused market experts understand how to attract high-yielding consumer audiences, drive consumer engagement, and elevate consumer lifetime value

Our location-based targeting can pinpoint consumers where they live, work, play, and shop via:

  • Traveling pattern targeting
  • Address-specific targeting around their homes, medical treatment centers, competitor’s locations and events
  • Zip code targeting
  • State-level targeting

Our targeting experts are on top of keyword search trends, particularly those associated with consumer need states. We monitor and track condition-specific keyword searches including:

  • Stress and stress-related keyword searches
  • Anxiety and anxiety-related keyword searches
  • Sleep and sleep-related keyword searches
  • Pain and pain-related keyword searches
  • PTSD and PTSD-related keyword searches
  • Pet and pet-related keyword searches

“E-commerce is the new battleground and if you are not in it, you’re done.”

– Bethany Gomez, Managing Director, The Brightfield Group



Are you capturing your share of the 3 billion keyword searches occurring online now? We are.

Get real-time access to early-mid-to-late stage CBD browsers with keyLIFT, our CBD keyword search-based acquisition campaign that:

  • Guarantees clicks
  • Leverages compliant keyword search marketing mechanisms
  • Targets trigger points restricted in other CBD advertising platforms
  • Concentrates on “hot” CBD markets that over-index on trigger points
  • Capitalizes on influencer relationships and lifestyle trends

Our targeting experts take the guesswork out of keyword search marketing. Our real-time keyword search trends and hot topics tracking systems allow us to position our client’s advertising on non-endemic platforms.

Such non-endemic marketing keeps pace with high-yielding consumer search patterns, which can change frequently based on trendlines. Our budget-conscious targeting experts maximize our client’s advertising budgets by steering clear of ad placements based on outdated channel preferences.

CBD marketing can be tricky. Our advertising compliance experts guarantee that client ads are placed on pre-approved CBD platforms, taking the worry and guesswork out of CBD advertising.

“KeyLIFT delivered 5X over its impression guarantee and topped our best campaign.

Let’s rinse and repeat!”

– Jared Ballard, Marketing Director, Hemplucid



You want to leverage the most lucrative niche audiences, right?

Our eLIFT: Double opt-in email advertising solution for cannabis and CBD businesses keeps brands out of SPAM folders and inside the inboxes of promo-loving and info searching consumers.

  • Acquisition-based platform
  • Double opt-in email audience ensures consumer interest
  • Delivers above average CTRs
  • Identifies consumer triggers, specific to cannabis and CBD brands
  • Humanizes engagement
  • Captures qualified cannabis and CBD consumer targets with high LTVs
  • Utilizes vetted national CPG list providers

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Seismic increases in digital activity have forever altered customers’ expectations of companies, placing more focus on customer experience. Nearly 90% of customers say their brand experience is as important as its products and services today. That means whatever a marketer does; needs to be relevant and spot on with shifting consumer interests and demands.

Email marketing provides brands the opportunity to humanize customer engagement and experiences, build trust and deepen the relationship they have with their customers through highly relevant, interactive campaigns that build upon the customer’s experience.

Today email marketing requires brands to marry offers with education and entertainment. Email open rates are higher on campaigns that provide valuable content along with valuable offers.

Campaigns that include Cannabis dosage or CBD dosage guidelines, Certificate of Analysis (COA) QR codes, educational tools like a Cannabis School or CBD School, Cannabis user and CBD user reviews are out-performing more traditional email campaigns.

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“CBD Marketing Hub helped us capture home-bound consumers when it mattered most – during COVID-19!”

– Mike Peterson, CMO, Nature’s Fusions



CBD brands lose about 40 percent of browsers that visit their websites.

Get them back with webLIFT, our CBD remarketing solution that:

  • Identifies & activates CBD and ‘CBD-likely’ browsers
  • Pinpoints CBD and ‘CBD-likely’ browsers’ product interest
  • Communicates with email opt-outs, non-openers and cart abandons
  • Serves programmatic direct mail and/or email offers to entice CBD and ‘CBD-likely’ browsers back to your website
  • Provides predictive tools to support consumer re-engagement

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Email capture tools like newsletter sign-ups, educational material downloads or other product offers work, but not as well as many brands would like. Despite email collection tools, about 40% of browsers that visit your site will leave without registering an email address.

Lower funnel email opt-outs, non-openers and cart abandons leave brands with no idea of their product interest, which hampers future product development and marketing campaigns. With webLIFT, brands:

  • WHO’s on their site
  • WHERE they stopped
  • WHAT interested them most
  • HOW to get them back
  • (See) WHY conversion offers specific to consumer interest work

Personalization and relevancy are the cornerstone of our intent-based postal retargeting campaigns. With webLIFT’s predictive analytics and custom consumer outreach that:

  • Addresses lower funnel shoppers by name
  • Delivers personalized offers based on consumer interest
  • Provides automatic re-engagement if consumer does not respond to website
  • Targets active shoppers, reducing customer acquisition costs
  • Captures sales that might otherwise be lost

Experts say 92% of first-time e-commerce visitors do not purchase products.

Don’t let them get away!



Do you want to keep pace with online consumer behavior changes as they occur?

You can with adLIFT, our CBD and cannabis digital advertising solution.

  • Sophisticated systems recognize and respond to real-time shifts in consumer interest
  • Optimizes digital ads on highest performing sites
  • Delivers premium news, health and entertainment site placements

Our adLIFT solution helps brands stand out on non-endemic sites that are not over-crowded with cannabis and CBD offers on properties like: Advance Local, Bustle, Buzz Feed, CondeNast, Consequence Media, Daily Beast, Daily Mail, Dotdash, Fader, Food Network, Hearst, Huffpost, Inquisitr, Livingly, Martha Stewart, McClatchy, MSN, Newsweek, NN: The Nation Network, PopCrush, Ranker, Scary Mommy, ScreenCrush, TheCHIVE, The Dad, Tribune Publishing, USA Today Network, WebMD, and XXL

“Consumers are all captive now – – they’re all in front of their screens.”

– Bethany Gomez, Managing Director, The Brightfield Group



What happens when you target known cannabis and CBD users’ mobile devices within feet from your retail/medical door? Real time conversions!

Drive more in-store visits with real-time location-based marketing. Our geofencing solution supports event- and location-based consumer targeting, allowing advertisers to blunt competitive activity, reach and serve ads to consumers within a designated geographic perimeter and even track ad recipient’s activities to determine whether the online ad campaign resulted in offline conversations (physical location transactions).

  • Steal share: Disrupt & redirect consumer intent
  • Target ads to specific audience
  • Direct event foot traffic (events, trade shows)
  • Identify and target commuters
  • Gain knowledge of unknown consumer demographics, shopping patterns and behaviors
  • Understand and leverage customer frequency
  • Customize promotions for those shoppers just outside the door
  • Deliver measurable transactions
  • Invite back lapsed consumers

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Drive more in-store visits with real-time location-based marketing. Our geofencing solution supports event- and location-based consumer targeting, allowing advertisers to blunt competitive activity, reach and serve ads to consumers within a designated geographic perimeter and even track ad recipient’s activities to determine whether the online ad campaign resulted in offline conversations (physical location transactions).

Geofencing technology allows advertisers to maximize campaign performance. With geofencing, advertisers can:

  • Unveil hidden shopper demographics
  • Discover consumer shopping habits
  • Pinpoint competitor’s customer demographics
  • Reach commuters: Identify, target and serve ads to commuters
  • Serve ads on multiple customer devices
  • Retarget ads following geofenced perimeter activity

Send real-time mobile messages and promo offers to known cannabis and CBD buyers at just the right time - - when they are steps away from retail doors or event entry points.



Engage one billion plus consumers where they go to be entertained with subscription-based Connected TV services. Whether they’re watching Hulu or other favorites, we’ll make sure their eyes are on your brand’s topicals and other pre-approved product advertisements.

Reach highly targeted buyers no matter:

  • HOW they connect: TV, desktop, smartphone or tablet
  • WHEN they consume their TV programming
  • WHERE the connect: Connected apps, like Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Hulu, DirecTV Now, YouTube and SlingTV

Streaming accounted for nearly 25 percent of total U.S. TV time in March, according to Nielsen.