The Market Case:

Regulatory shifts are opening up cannabis markets, driving increased competition. Even the largest dispensaries that dominated their markets are feeling the pinch. Preemptive efforts to thwart competitors’ aggressive attempts to steal share and attract untapped consumer audiences are required to maintain and grow share.

Our Expertise

Our cannabis experts deliver known cannabis consumers, as well as proven targeting support that reaches bottom funnel, ready-to-buy ‘Canna-Curious’ consumers. And our pre-qualification process helps dispensaries maximize their ad budgets, placing ads on target rich sites that are not over-populated by competitors.

Our Targeting:

Our targeting experts focus on identifying cannabis and “Canna-Curious’ consumers more likely to be heavy users (5X weekly). Why? Heavy users are fiercely brand loyal to the brand that works best for them and are less price-sensitive than other consumer segments. This high LTV consumer is gold in the green market.

In addition to traditional targeting variables like age, gender, education and household income, adLIFT and geoLIFT delivers:

  • Competitive conquesting
  • Bottom funnel keyword search term ad service, which works around existing advertising restrictions
  • Market radius-focused targeting that adheres to regulatory guidelines, avoiding costly violations
  • Condition-specific targeting focused on cancer treatment centers and other medical and treatment facilities*
Multiplier Effect: Retargeting Services

Retargeting ad services multiply the impact of campaigns, exponentially delivering proven brand awareness and conversions. In many cases, retargeting may even double or triple the performance of a one-time ad campaign. Dispensaries’ retargeting ad placements contributed to its campaign’s 6:1 ROAS.

About adLIFT & geoLIFT:
  • Steal share: Disrupt & redirect consumer intent
  • Target ads to a specific audience
  • Direct event foot traffic (events, trade shows)
  • Gain knowledge of unknown consumer demographics, shopping patterns and behaviors
  • Understand and leverage customer frequency
  • Customize promotions for those shoppers just outside the door
  • Deliver measurable transactions
Our Integrated & Hyper-Targeted Solutions:
  • adLIFT: Audience and radius-targeted solution
  • geoLIFT: Hyper-targeted geofencing solution

* Available but not included in this campaign

“We generated $61,000 new sales revenue in this pilot campaign.
I’d call this an epic win.”

– CMO, Cannabis Dispensary