Hemplucid CBD leaps over ad restrictions, landing record-breaking traffic
Our Product:

keyLIFT, a keyword-based acquisition program

The Market Case:

Existing search restrictions limiting CBD advertising have contributed to marketing challenges and a prevailing perception that keyword search products are not a viable advertising vehicle for CBD brands.

Our keyLIFT solution – which works within existing ad guidelines – offered a perfect solution to growth-oriented Hemplucid.

Our Targeting:

The X Factor of keyLIFT is embedded in the insights of our targeting experts, who actively monitor more than 3 billion searches to identify real-time shifts in:

  • Competitive Market Share
  • Competitive Advertising Activity
  • Top Performing Keyword Terms
  • Market Trends: Top selling products by state/gender/income

Hemplucid recognized value in our intelligent insights and employed recommended targeting in its digital ad campaign.

Our Results:

Delivered highest performing ad campaign to date.

About keyLIFT:

Our keyLIFT solution redirects mid-to-late stage CBD browsers via a system that leverages patent-pending outbound data mining algorithm, and custom data sharing agreements among leading ad exchanges, SSPs, ad networks and publishers in order to penetrate up to 90 percent of all public facing web traffic in North America

“KeyLIFT delivered 5X over its impression guarantee and topped our best campaign. Let’s rinse and repeat!”

– Jared Ballard, Marketing Director, Hemplucid