The Market Case:

The Millennial Mommy Market is one of the hottest growth segments among CBD brands that love reaching promo-loving household decision makers.

Shared mail is making a resurgence among major retailers and brands, as well as ecommerce companies.


This high touch medium scores more points with millennials than many might think. In fact, 68% of millennials read print ads/inserts from retailers.
And a whopping 64% of them prefer getting them through the mail, according to an awareness-to-activation study.

Online consumers like them too. 62% use print circulars to decide which brands to shop, according to an awareness-to-activation study.

Breaking out of inbox clutter:

As digital activity continues to increase, brands are seeking profitable ways to break out of inbox clutter with trackable (discount) coded promotions. The best way to do that? Share the costs.

Cover story:

We landed our national CBD brand on the COVER of a shared mail wrap. At just pennies per household, our wrap campaign captivated immediate consumer attention, attraction and conversion, delivering a $1.50 to $1.00 payout on just a single CBD campaign.

Wrapping up lifetime value (LTV):

The Mommy Market is a lucrative one. It’s not just about getting there first, but winning lifetime consumer loyalty with a consumer base that loves a high-touch approach.

The LTV on this specific campaign is conservatively estimated at 5:1.

Our Targeting:

Our targeting experts focused on consumer households over-indexing on specific ailments and sleep issues.

“Surprisingly affordable, our Shared Mail cover delivered outstanding brand visibility and ROAS. Love the LTV too!”

– CMO, National CBD Brand