eLIFT double opt-in email campaign delivers 6:1 ROAS
Our Product:

eLIFT: a double opt-in email

Our Solution:

A leading national CBD brand wanted to elevate consumer brand awareness, drive site visits and create conversions of an active senior audience in a highly competitive digital environment.

The Market:

For brands looking to connect with boomers, email represents a great way to engage with a high LTV* consumer segment that is more likely to be a heavy user (5X weekly). Boomers do not skim material. They digest it, taking time to delve into product messaging, research product efficacy as well as understand guidelines and certifications.

Our eLIFT solution — which offers the security of a double opted-in audience — provides an expansive platform to promote the kind of educational content, certification detail and product offers boomers prefer.

Our Targeting:

Our targeting experts focused on identifying boomers with active lifestyles and a higher likelihood to be “Canna-curious.” In addition to traditional targeting variables like age, gender, education and household income, our targeting experts monitor:

  • Health trends, particularly areas that over index for anxiety, pain and sleep
  • Employment trends, particularly critical during COVID-19
  • Market trends, such as top selling products by state/gender/income
  • Competitive activity and respective opportunities to conquest

Our CBD client recognized value in our intelligent insights and employed our recommended targeting and creative messaging in its email campaign.

About eLIFT:

Our eLIFT double opt-in email solution is PII compliant and guaranteed free of BOTS and click fraud.

“Email is a very effective medium, according to a Channel Preferences Survey that indicates 91% of people access their email at least once a day.”