Zen CBD campaign delivers record-breaking views
Our Product:

eLIFT: a double opt-in email solution

The Market Case:

One of the nation’s largest CBD wholesalers wanted to elevate consumer brand awareness, drive site visits and conversions in a highly competitive COVID-19 digital environment. For brands looking to lean in and authentically connect with consumers during this dynamic and difficult recovery period and offer a solution, that time is now.

Our Targeting:

Identifying the consumer with the highest propensity to purchase is key to any ad campaign and is front and center in eLIFT. Our bodacious eLIFT solution includes the support of our crack team of targeting experts who constantly track and analyze consumer trends to deliver the timely targeting recommendations based upon real time assessments. What does that mean to clients? Higher ROAS!

In addition to traditional targeting variables like age, gender, education and household income, our targeting experts monitor:

  • Health trends, particularly areas that over index for anxiety, pain and sleep
  • Employment trends, particularly critical during COVID-19
  • Market trends, focusing on top selling products by state/gender/income
  • Competitive activity and respective opportunities to conquest

Nature’s Fusions recognized value in our intelligent insights and employed our recommended targeting in its email campaign.

Our Results:

Delivered second highest view rate against all other eLIFT campaigns to date, topped only by a national CBD brand and frequent advertiser ranked among the nation’s Top 10 brands

About eLIFT:

Our eLIFT double opt-in email solution is PII compliant and guaranteed free of BOTS and click fraud.

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“CBD Marketing Hub helped us capture home-bound consumers when it mattered most – during COVID-19!”

– Mike Peterson, CMO, Nature’s Fusions