Pets & Vets



They sit on our couches, ride shotgun, and beg like nobody’s business. Yes, dogs rule. At CBD Marketing Hub, we’ve got a variety of solutions to own the market —from pets to vets.

Cats? Horses? Yes, we love (and serve) them too.

With the projected marketplace growth of $1.16 billion by 2022, let’s fetch!

  • Content marketing via exclusive digital and print platforms
  • Sampling at veterinary clinics, licensed practitioner centers, pet events and shows
  • Geofencing around veterinary clinics, pet events and shows
  • Point of Care digital and wall board ads, take one brochures, etc.
  • Veterinarian lists for digital and print campaign activation
  • Pet owner lists for digital and print campaign activation


Content marketing: Exclusive digital and print platforms

Sampling: Veterinary clinics, pet centers & events

Geofencing: Veterinary clinics, pet centers & events

Point of Care: Digital/wall board ads, take one brochures

Veterinarian lists: Digital/print campaign activation

Pet owner lists: Digital/print campaign activation

“Forty-eight (48) percent of pet CBD buyers stop using prescriptions for their pets once they try CBD, indicating significant potential for this growing market. The industry grew 946% in 2019.”

– Brightfield Group