Reach the right consumers with relevant communication that they are likely to respond to.

Amp Up Direct Mail

Consumers are being pulled in many directions today. Get personal. It’s a sure way to pull them back in and engage them in your brand.

CBD Marketing Hub makes the process easier through programmatic injection. Here’s how it works. Our targeting systems recognize consumers' household preferences and inserts them in personalized offers that include the consumers' first name and imagery they will relate to.

This enhances consumer engagement, delivering a return 2 to 15 times higher than a traditional direct mail piece.

With nearly 90 percent of buying decisions being made at home, our personalized direct mail provides invaluable opportunities to:

  • Connect with new consumers unfamiliar with CBD or your brand.
  • Stand out among other competitive offers or products
  • Invite purchase with an extremely effective call-to-action

Personalized for each recipient

Our deterministic direct mail products are:


Our massive consumer database provides access to key consumer segments from pet owners to vets, physical therapists to physicians, athletes to arthritic patients, first responders to our first defenders (military and veterans), energy drink aficionados to smokers, as well as consumers seeking solutions to conditions from post-traumatic stress disorder to postpartum depression.


Our targeting systems map out household-specific mailing addresses where highly desired consumers most likely to purchase your products live. We use pre-selected variables to hyper-target our mailer delivery, reaching only those consumers who live within the retail drive time/mile radius designated.

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