Retailer Engagement:
You are in stores. Now, how to do you protect and grow your position?

Getting noticed in the crowd with In-Store Ads

It’s tough enough to get your product placed within a retail channel, let alone generate the kind of sustainable product movement retailers demand.

Retail shelves are becoming increasingly crowded as new products enter retail space. It’s a confusing marketplace that demands clarity.

Creating a branded experience at retail stores and health and wellness centers is a must for CBD companies competing for shelf space and consumer engagement.

From compelling in-store displays, print creative clings, display hangers and point-of-sale pamphlets, CBD Marketing Hub has proven strategies that will set your brand apart from your competitors.

You will impress retail and wellness center partners with your commitment to co-brand promotions. Our customized direct mail promotions show partners you are serious about driving business to their locations and increasing basket size.

Pick my product

Consumers have a choice. When they make it, you want them to choose your brand.

With more CBD products on retail shelves and a flood of marketing messages bombarding consumers every day, you need to stand out.

We will help you break through the clutter by creating opportunities for you to communicate with and educate consumers at the most critical point of contact — the store shelf.

That focus on the customer experience is a true competitive differentiator. It’s one we can make sure you win.

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Let us help you take your in-store brand experience to the next level.